The Internet Marketing
Retirement Plan

Quit your job, stay home, and build up a comfortable "retirement income" in your spare time ... working just one hour a day ... within 18 to 24 months from today!

From the Desk of Bob Bly
Dear Freedom- Seeking Friend:

Are you looking for a way to "escape" the 9-to-5 rat race?

Do you feel chained to your desk - at a job you don't like - by the reality of having to earn money?

Most of us trade our time for money.

We may make a very nice living doing that ... but we are never truly free as long as we punch a time clock - or have a boss telling us what to do.

We have to get up early in the morning every day ... commute in the cold and dark ... and put in long hours making money for someone else.

In the old days, you could at least look forward to your retirement freeing you from the drudgery (slavery?) of being a paid laborer.

But for many, the release from obligation - and the opportunity to begin living your "second life" - that retirement brings is a dream deferred further and further into the future.

Today, you need at LEAST a million dollars in invested assets ... with no consumer debt ... to retire comfortably. But, after giving back $8 trillion in wealth to the market after the crash of 2000, many investors have fallen "behind the curve" on our retirement savings goals.

And if you don't have that million-dollar nest egg safe and secure, don't count on your pension to make up the difference.

Did you know that today, only one out of five corporate employees in the U.S. is covered by a pension plan ... and 80% of those corporate pension plans are under-funded?

So who's going to fund your retirement? Social Security? Don't bet on it, my friend.

Perhaps you missed the article in the Boston Globe which warns that the Social Security system will soon run short of cash ... and could become unable to pay all of its promised benefits in as little as 11 years from today!

Clearly, you can't rely on the federal government or your pension to support you in your "golden years."

But not to worry, because now, I've discovered a safe, sure-fire way for you to completely retire - or escape the "rat race" no matter what your age - within 18 to 24 months from today!

Introducing the "Internet Marketing Retirement Plan" - your ticket to an easy, comfortable life where you're in control!

In the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, Fred Gleeck and I reveal how we both left corporate life and became completely financially independent--by creating an easy, spare-time Internet marketing income ... within a few short months of taking the plunge!

But, there's already a ton of "how to make money on the Internet" programs being sold online today.

So what makes the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan different?

I can think of 3 important ways in which the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan is a unique and superior tool for achieving your business, financial, and life goals:

** FIRST, the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan is deliberately designed to be both easy to use as well as requiring little work on your part to keep it going, once it's up and running.

In fact, the Plan is designed with a goal of generating a steady six-figure retirement income -- and once it's all in place, it involves much less work than you're doing for your boss right now.

Within 6 months of putting the plan into action, I was making over $16,000 a month from my spare-time online business ... and spending just 60 minutes a day to produce it.

As for the "easy to use" part, let me ask you a question...

Have you perhaps already purchased a number of Internet marketing programs--and never done much with them--or even put them on your shelf without even opening the box?

Don't feel bad. Lots of folks do.

The reason is that Internet marketing can be complicated.

The techniques and tools available to the Internet marketer are numerous, and many are quite complex ... and if you try to master all of them, you'll quickly become overwhelmed.

And when we get overwhelmed, we become paralyzed into inaction-and do nothing.

The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan eliminates this "information overload" because it's simple: it covers only 3 basic Internet marketing techniques.

As a result, you can quickly and easily learn how to do each well and efficiently ... so you can replace your current salary with an online income requiring only a few hours of work a month to maintain.

** SECOND, we are not promoting another "make a million dollars fast" Internet marketing program.

There's nothing wrong with making millions on the Internet. Who wouldn't want that?

But the problem is: those plans are both complex and labor- intensive. You'll have to work so long and hard to implement these schemes, that to me, it's just like having a job. Yuck!

If you truly want to retire ... or just take life easy ... these "make a million on the Internet" programs are NOT for you.

The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan has a definite--and more modest--income goal.

Our plan enables you to generate enough income to replace most or all of your current salary.

Since we don't know you or how much money you make, we've arbitrarily set a retirement income figure of $200,000 a year.

As my esteemed colleague Dr. Gary North recently noted, if you really can't get along on $200,000 a year, you have a problem.

You need to spend less, live a bit more sensibly, and perhaps make a small downward shift in spending habits and lifestyle changes.

But that's up to you, because the Internet Marketing Retirement Program can be--and does--scale up pretty easily to $300,000 or even $400,000 a year or more if you really, truly need that much dough to be happy.

** THIRD, the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan recognizes that you may be at a point in life where you are in a hurry to quit working or retire NOW ... not 10 or 20 or 30 years from now.

The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan is designed so you reach a point where your online business generates a very comfortable income--and get you there within 18 to 24 months of opening the box, going through the course, and putting the plan into action.

3 easy steps to earning more by doing less-as incredible as that sounds!

There are dozens of techniques for making money on the Internet.

But there are only 3 you need to master to make enough money online to replace your current income.

They are:

You need products to sell. In the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, we show how to quickly and easily create or source products your customers will want to buy -- or make a six-figure income online even if you have NO products of your own (answer: you sell other people’s products to your customers for a cut of the revenues)!


You also get the simple tools you need to convert the thousands of people on your e-mail list to paying customers.


We reveal the easiest way to build a large list of e-mail subscribers. An essential ingredient in the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan.

The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan Has Everything You Need
In this downloadable audio course, you get everything you know to start and run a successful spare-time online business that generates a full-time income.
Internet Marketing Retirement Plan Step #1:
Creating, acquiring, or licensing
products to sell.

To make a million dollars a year on the Internet requires about 15 different things you have to do -- most of them complex and labor-intensive.

But to reach, say, one-fifth of that, as we help you do in the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, requires only 3 simple steps -- all of which we show you in our program.

We begin with step one: getting products to sell online:
  • What kinds of products sell best online .... and why are "information products" the best choice for the spare -time Internet entrepreneur?
  • What is an "information product"? Should you sell e-books? Or are other formats -- DVDs, CDs, teleseminars -- more lucrative?
  • Yes, there's a ton of information available on every conceivable topic online for free. But despite this, Internet users paid more than $300 billion last year to buy information online. Here's why.
  • Have an idea for a specific product? Now you can "test market" it for $200 ... and ensure buyer interest before you create it.
  • Make your online fortune selling "public domain" works whose copyrights have expired. And you don't have to pay the original author or publisher a dime for the rights.
  • Buy "out of print" books for pennies on the dollar ... and resell them at full price from your Web site.
  • Quick and easy way to convert a traditionally published book into an e-book. Your printing, shipping, and handling cost per copy? Zero. Zilch. Nada.
  • Why content owners will sell you the online rights to their products for dirt-cheap prices. You let them keep all other rights. But so what? It won't hurt your sales at all.
  • Get the rights to sell dozens of great products online with a few mouse clicks by joining the "affiliate programs" of established Internet marketers.
  • How affiliate programs work ... and where to find products you can sell on an affiliate basis.
  • How much commission can you earn as an affiliate? And is it negotiable?
  • Why you need to build a line of low, medium, and high-priced products ... and how to use affiliate deals to broaden your product line quickly and easily.
  • How to create information products your buyers will love ... without spending a lot of time or money to do so.
  • How to get a professional freelance writer to write a top-quality e-book for you. The fee is so cheap, you may feel guilty paying so little!
  • Use a "probe campaign" to have your customers give you the outline of the e-book they want to buy from you -- for free.
  • Double your product sales by offering these low-cost "premiums" - free bonus gifts given with purchase of a product - to your customers.
  • How to create a "ready to sell" audio product, from start to finish, in less than 4 hours.
  • Fred Gleeck's amazing editing secret for producing money-making audio products in record time and at minimal cost.
Internet Marketing Retirement Plan Step #2:
Building your opt-in e-mail list.

The second step in making money with your own home-based online business is to build your mailing list.

Fred and I have combined e-lists of 200,000 names, and in this part of the program, we show you how we built large, profitable lists quickly:

  • What is an opt-in e-mail subscriber list ... and why is building an e-list so critical to your online marketing success?
  • Does size matter? How big an e-list do you need to make, say, $200,000 a year online??
  • What is a "double opt in" list ... and why do you need one?
  • How do you calculate what your e-list is worth ... and determine the size list you'll need to make your income goal?
  • Why you need to publish a monthly e-newsletter or e-mail tip to make your online business successful. But don't worry: it's much easier than it sounds.
  • The key tool for building a large opt-in e-mail list quickly - the "free on free" offer. How to do it right.
  • Do you give talks or seminars? Here's how to get up to 80% of the audience to join your e-mail subscriber list.
  • Cross-promoting your "free on free" offer to "joint venture partners" -an easy way to build your list without spending a dime.
  • Using "membership sites" ... viral marketing ... free PR ... co-registration ... and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to grow your e-list.
  • Sure, you can advertise in other people's e-newsletters. But here's how to get them to promote you to their subscribers for free.
  • How to get everyone you meet - and everyone you speak to on the phone - to consider joining your e-list.
  • Increasing sign-ups to your list with squeeze pages ... pop unders ... floaters ... and other "name capture" devices.
Internet Marketing Retirement Plan Step #3:
Traffic generation and conversion.

You have a product to sell ... and a list of people and their e-mail addresses.

In the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, you will discover the easiest ways to reach out to that list ... and convert them from free subscribers to paying customers.

  • Why you need a "landing page" or microsite - an individual, single-product Web site - for every product you sell ... each with its own domain name.
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses can pay $49 a month or more for Web site hosting. But as a home-based Internet marketer, you can pay as little as 50 cents a month each for hosting of your microsites.
  • Cheapest and quickest way to reserve domain names online. Plus: how to select the domain name that will produce the most traffic and sales for you.
  • There are two goals you need to accomplish with your landing pages. One is to sell your product. Do you know the other?
  • 12 essential components for a winning landing pages - and how to write each.
  • What colors are best at increasing "conversion rates" - the percentage of visitors to your landing pages who actually make a purchase?
  • Which picture pulls best on a landing page selling an information product: a photo of the author, the product, or a happy customer?
  • Should you worry about putting streaming audio or video on your landing pages? The answer may surprise you.
  • What kind of navigation choices and response options do landing pages need?
  • 3 ways to capture e-mail addresses from unique visitors to your landing page who do not purchase the product.
  • What is a squeeze page ... and when should you drive traffic to a squeeze page instead of a microsite?
  • How your monthly e-newsletter can drive subscribers to the landing page so they can read more about and purchase your products.
  • My "secret weapon" for driving tons of traffic and generating thousands of dollars in sales: e-mail marketing.
  • Why your e-newsletter subscribers willingly read e-mail marketing messages you send them ... don't consider your e-mail "spam" ... and actually look forward to hearing from you and buying your latest products.
  • Should your e-mail marketing messages be text or HTML? Once again, the answer may surprise you.
  • What fighting champion and master Internet marketer Matt Furey taught me about writing e-mail marketing messages that make money ... and why it's so easy to follow his advice.
  • How Fred Gleeck generates a ton of traffic - and thousands of dollars in online sales - with ... as crazy as it sounds ... his car.
  • Should you use PPC, SEO, banners, and other traffic building to drive traffic to a product landing page or a squeeze page or your free on free offer page?
Start your Internet Marketing Retirement Plan today, be totally retired and free within 2 years from now.

In the last section of the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, we put all the pieces together - and show you how you can quit working altogether ... and achieve true financial freedom and independence ... in just 18 to 24 months from today:

  • The 5 stages of building a six-figure "second income" online ... and why most people never get past stage one.
  • How to plan your online business to fit your lifestyle ... instead of the other way around.
  • Inexpensive software you can use to completely automate all aspects of your online business - including credit card processing, order taking, bookkeeping, and fulfillment.
  • 3 easy ways to take payments online - and why you should accept each.
  • Minimum acceptable mark-up on products you sell online. You sell a product for $50. Can you afford to buy it for $25?
  • At what pace do you have to grow your Internet marketing business to "retire" from the 9 to 5 world in 18 to 24 months?
  • There are only 3 ways to grow your online business. Can you name them all?
  • How to grow a six-figure online income ... even if you don't like to create products.
  • Conventional retirement plans need a semi-annual checkup. Your Internet retirement marketing plan will, too. But it takes only one day every 6 months when you follow our simple method.
Praise for Bob Bly, Fred Gleeck, and their Internet marketing expertise

Here's what people have said about Bob Bly's and Fred Gleeck's Internet marketing ideas and systems....

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In the next 18 to 24 months, you could, like me, be sitting on the deck of your new lake house - watching the sun set over the water, drink in hand, content to know you never have to work another day in your life unless you want to.

Or, you could be no further along toward your goal of being able to retire ... or escape your 9 to 5 job - and enjoying great feeling of total financial independence that the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan can give you.

It's entirely up to you.

So what are you waiting for?

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